Protection Training Rates



Family protection

  • Build the dog's confidence.

  • Train the dog to turn on/off aggression on command.

  • Train the dog to bite

  • Train the dog to stop biting on command.

  • Teach the dog to defend the owner.

  • The owner will be taught to work/handle the dog in protection



Competitive Protection

  • Teach the dog to guard.

  • Teach the dog to pursue and stop the threat

  • Teach the dog to defend you from multiple attackers.

  •  Teach the dog to go through various obstacles to stop the threat

  • The handler will be taught how to show the dog in a competitive situations



K9 Security work

  • Building and area searches (office buildings, homes, construction sites etc.)
  • Apprehension work
  • Muzzle training, suit work, and hidden sleeve work.
  • The dog will be taught to fight in a variety of high stress situations
  • The handler will be taught to read and react accordingly to the dog's  actions/body language.