Obedience Training is the most important thing that can be done for you
and your dog. It teaches the dog and owner how to work together as a team,
and if done correctly can make life with your K9 companion much more
enjoyable for the whole family.


Obedience Training Rates







Communication Class: 2 Weeks

Communication is the foundation to any successful relationship. This will give you and your dog the ability to understand each other. Which will make all training easier and much more fun.

Basic Training: 4 Weeks

Perfect for puppies

  • Deals with all behavior problems you might have (barking, jumping,  digging, potty training, unwanted aggression.

  • You will be taught how to and when to correct the dog, also when and how to praise the dog
  • You will be taught the basic commands (Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heal)



Novice Obedience: 10 Weeks

Ideal for newly leashed dogs

  • First we teach you how to communicate with your dog. 
  • We deal with the behavior problems you might have (barking, jumping, digging, potty training,  unwanted aggression)

  • You will be taught how to praise the dog and when to correct the dog.

  • You will then be taught all the basic commands. (Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heal, Walk, Load, Unload, Quit)
  • Commands in both voice and hand signals will be taught
  • On and off leash use of these commands will be taught so you can  have complete control of the dog at all times. 



Competitive Obedience: 16 Weeks

Prepare Your Dog for Perfection

  • This class is for those of you who want to show competitively

    This class is geared towards excellence.
  • Perfect positioning and unmatched attention to the handler will be the ultimate goal.
  • Everything in the basic obedience class will be taught WITH ABSOLUTE PERFECTION.
  • You will learn how to prep the dog for competition
  • Handle and show your dog in a competitive environment.